sculpting fine or thin hair into short styles to maximize volume.

expert education in wella, goldwell, sebastian, bumble & bumble. expert internal mjs education.

favorite product:
Living proof. no frizz styling creams for frizzy hair. they're completely weightless so hair still feels like hair.

one styling secret i'm willing to share:
utilize the "cool" button after you've blown out a section of your hair with heat to set the fullness and shape of your style.  


“in may of 2000, still not having found a stylist i liked (and more importantly trusted) i went to a salon for a simple sleek haircut and walked out looking like jennifer aniston in 'friends.'  the haircut was both not what i wanted and not flattering to the shape of my face... desperate, i contacted mitchell john and came in the day of my vacation for an 'emergency' haircut.   not only did monrud fix the haircut that i received the day earlier, but he gave me a stylish look.  that was ten years ago... monrud is a unique and creative stylist who you can trust completely.   the greatest compliment is that his haircuts get better with time.”

– maria

"monrud is the best - the wife and I have been clients for 7+ years."

– matt

“i met senior stylist monrud in 2003 at sephora.   i lost his card and then ran into him at the red sox wives fashion show one year later and let him cut my hair the following week.   this man is an artist... he only uses a razor and takes his time to perfect his work.  sounds completely dramatic... but it was almost like he was making love to my hair.  now that's hot.  the salon has great bumble products and is moderately priced for an upscale salon.   i have a new stylist in chicago, but nobody cuts my hair like monrud.”

- caroline

“monrud is as good as it gets when it comes to knowing how to cut and style.  he gives a great blowdry too!  he will always give you exactly what you ask for and knows how to improve your current style to fit your face.  (especially if the last hair stylist created world war three on your head!) he understands 'sexy' hair… a hard concept for many stylists.  and if you are just in the market for a sexy blow dry prior to that hot date, he is fabulous!  boys, boys, boys, monrud can work wonders on you too, but don’t get too excited when you lay eyes on him.  he is gorgeous and very spoken for! sorry darlings.  this is one of the few salons located in the heart of boston’s financial district, which makes it an excellent and easy choice for anyone in town for business or based downtown for work.” – diana

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This style by: kim morrione

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Living Proof Straight Making Treatment works wonders used with a flat iron for super shine, damage protection and ultimate humidity control.

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