extensions. blondes. long styles with movement & body. lasting blowouts.

advanced razor cutting. bumble and bumble university new york advanced scissor and razor cutting. bumble and bumble color. behind the chair color 2013. wella color correction. goldwell color curriculum. keratin complex hair smoothing therapy certified. so. cap. USA hair extensions certified. cinderella hair extensions certified. hot heads hair extensions certified.

favorite product:
Living proof. full thickening mousse.   it provides long lasting volume & fullness without being stiff or crunchy.

one styling secret i'm willing to share:
done right extensions are the best way to add natural looking volume and length to any hair type!



“a friend recommended jahna and i love how she understands the look i'm going for and takes it to the next level!”

– kristin

“i love the professionalism and how friendly everyone is!!  i feel like jahna really listens and pays attention to what i say!  this is NOT the case at other 'well' known salons i have been to in boston!”

– renee

“i have always loved this salon.  mitchell gives the best haircut in town.  i have long hair and prefer to keep it long, so styles are somewhat limited, but he always gave me 'something new.'  years ago i had to switch to jahna as the prices for a mitchell haircut outgrew my budget (i started a family-had to make some cutbacks).  i appreciate, however, the training that mitchell puts into his stylists so that my haircuts never suffered like my budget did.”

– melissa

“now that i have left boston i can share my most favorite stylist ever! jahna is great, i first went in for a blowdry, and walked out feeling super pretty.  this gave me the confidence to not only let her cut my hair, but also to let her give me layers and bangs.  until then, i always had a straight cut due to trauma from haircuts.  i explained i was after a lindsay lohan cut and she knew exactly what i meant, a bit of volume, some layers, and the sexy rolled out of bed look.   what i love about her is she doesn't shortcut by using a flat iron on my hair.  she actually uses a round brush, which gives me the fullness and body i want.  since moving i have been to 4 different salons/stylists, jahna is the only person who has ever had me walk out happy each time.  and she's relatively cheap to boot!”

– razzel

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This style by: kim morrione

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Product Tip

Living Proof Straight Making Treatment works wonders used with a flat iron for super shine, damage protection and ultimate humidity control.

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Living Proof

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