extensions.  hair painting.  blondes.  long hair.  mens cuts.



bumble and bumble cutting.  goldwell trilogy.  wella color correction and theory.  advanced razor cutting.  keratin complex hair therapy certified. so.cap. usa hair extensions certified.


favorite product:

Living proof. Full Thickening Mousse - it gives incredible volume without getting tacky.


one styling secret that i'm willing to share:

for gorgeous smooth curls in a pinch just dry your hair (the messier the better for added texture and volume), use a heat protectant like Living proof. Restore Revitalizing Spray on each section and curl your hair with a quality iron for beautiful results!





 “I have been going to Mitchell John for about two years now. Katy (long dark hair) is amazing. I have never walked out of there looking less than exceptional! I will say it again- is AMAZING. This is me when I go into the salon. 'Katy I want bangs just make me look good and do what you want" Every time I go in there she gives me a perfect haircut and color. Nothing too crazy- she just knows what you want and does it to perfection. She is very talented..you will like her! I promise.”
-Laurie, Boston, MA

“I attended a salon event earlier in 2010 and have returned several times for blowouts with Katy. Each time I am thoroughly impressed with how well Katy straightens my curly hair.  I highly recommend Katy's services!”
-Rebecca, Boston, MA

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Living proof. flex shaping hair spray
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Product Tip

Living Proof Straight Making Treatment works wonders used with a flat iron for super shine, damage protection and ultimate humidity control.

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Living Proof

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